With its five hundred and fifty years, the facade of Santa Maria Novella needs constant control and maintenance.

Completed in 1470 by Leon Battista Alberti, it is one of the few monumental facades built (and finished) in the Renaissance period in the city of Florence. The lower band dates back to the mid-fourteenth century.

The most fragile and precious part of the facade is made up of marble inlays of which the serpentinite (or Prato green) bands are the most fragile and exposed to atmospheric agents. ⁣
The intervention of specialists is required at least every two years to check the state and possibly provide for their consolidation. ⁣

During this period, a careful check of the entire marble surface is underway which will allow to experts to identify any critical issues and to intervene promptly to ensure the safety of all parts damaged or deteriorated by time.

⁣Restoration and maintenance works continue today also inside the church and on the roofs of the chapels vaults. ⁣

⁣Continue to support us and visit the complex, thanks to you the past will continue to have a future. ⁣

- Photo: Marco Turini


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