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"Hidden" but more alive than ever

For several months now, the transept of the basilica of Santa Maria Novella has been hidden by large scaffolding. In addition to the restoration and maintenance of the roofing of the transept, delicate interventions are being carried out on the stone face damaged by time and atmospheric agents. ⁣

Restorers, technicians and workers have been working on the structure of innocent frames and tubes for months to restore the ancient church of Santa Maria Novella to its original beauty.

To allow the restoration of the original elements (a complex operation to be carried out in the laboratory), the three rosettes in pietra serena were replaced with identical copies in shape and materials thanks to the collaboration of master craftsmen and stonemasons from Firenzuola. Precisely in this small town on the Tuscan-Romagnoplo Apennines, the pofessioinists of stone master the techniques of the past, allowing us to ensure in many cases the philological integrity of the restoration work.

The replacement of the stone materials is only one of the works promoted by the Opera for Santa Maria Novella on the transept. The apsidal roofs above the Tonabuoni, Strozzi and Gondi chapels are also part of the complex and ambitious intervention plan that is still underway.