A fresco with the stories of 'San Benedetto' detached and transferred from its original location almost two centuries ago. Read its story

#smnstory A fresco removed many years ago from the Basilica and now recovered. The study, the identification and a final journey for restoration will folow. The 'Saint Benedict' has a story that is worth listening to according to Gaia Ravalli, art historian, who tells about this 'rediscovered resco' belonging to the oldest phase of the complex.

#smnstory is a project that aims to bring together the public of Santa Maria Novella with cultural heritage professionals

Every two weeks we will publish an expert's interview to tell you about the 'behind the scenes' of the important process of protection and conservation that takes place every day around the arworks that you can admire in the complex. 

Video by Domenico Scarpino

Interview with Gaia Ravalli

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'Stories of Saint Benedict', Nardo di Cione, about 1350-55