A simple and brilliant introduction to Saint Dominic's story told with the timeless language of the comic narrative.

At the beginning of 1200 a brave and devoted friar undertook a series of missions around Europe, trying to bring the word of God into the territories of heresy: that friar is Dominic from Guzmán also known as Saint Dominic

His only weapons of conversion, unlike the crusaders, were preaching, study and mercy.


From the collaboration with the publisher Kleiner Flug and the Opera for Santa Maria novella, a new editorial project is born. This is a work dedicated to a general public. With the fresh, modern and timeless language of comics we would like to tell either to adults and children the story of Saint Dominic, founder of the Order of Friars Preachers and a great religious figure. This is certainly not a work of scientific reconstruction of a philological biography of this historical character. What the authors of the publication, Marco Rocchi and Edoardo Natalini, have achieved, is a simple and brilliant introduction to the story of St. Dominic. A man who has influenced his time and still today we can still appreciate the great contribution he has given to the history of Christianity and the society in which he has operated.

Particular thanks go to Fr. Daniele Cara, President of the Opera for Santa Maria Novella who believed in this project and Alessio D'Uva of Kleienr Flug who gave birth to this small great masterpiece.

The graphic novel on Domenico di Guzmán is now available in our bookshop. For info and reservations write to media@smn.it

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