The President of Opera for Santa Maria Novella, Father Daniel Cara, introduces the new Santa Maria Novella's website

On September 22nd in the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, beginning at 11:30, we inaugurated the meridian line and astronomical instruments created in 1575 by the Dominican friar Egnazio Danti. On the eve of this event we communicate also the publication of the new Opera for Santa Maria Novella's website. For several months the closest collaborators of the Opera, with the guidance of competent professionals, have been preparing this important tool to raise awareness and promote this beautiful treasure of art and spirituality.

Among other features you can now purchase online tickets: an extra service in favor of the visitors!

We hope that the new face of the complex of Santa Maria Novella is pleasing the many friends around the world! I want to thank every single person who contributed in various ways, to the creation of the new website!

Good vision!

Father Daniele Giovanni Cara op

President of Opera Santa Maria Novella