Thanks to the joint work of scholars, restorers, institutions* and all the professionals who have contributed in various ways, Santa Maria Novella today is enriched with "new" works of art which still hide untold stories to tell.

In fact, after the grand opening event of the "discovered frescoes,” we have witnessed to an extraordinary interest from a diverse audience, from the most knowledgeable and passionate to the casual visitor or simply curious one. It seems incredible, but still today the great art history is taking place in the same place.

The frescoes that lie behind some altarpieces are now available to the public thanks to a ingenious steel mechanism that allows to turn like a book page the giant painting frames and reveal some absolute masterpieces of the thirteen and fourteenth century.

We strongly believe that these treasures should be enjoyed by everybody as Santa Maria Novella’s heritage is belonging to its community which supports and enrich the place. For this reason we decided to schedule the opening of the frescoes during a number of fixed appointments for the public. The first weekend of the month, to coincide with the Metropolitana Sunday, it will be possible to visit the unseen works of art of famous authors like Stephen Fiorentino, Andrea and Nardo di Cione Orcagna or Francesco Botticini. Frescoes which miraculously survived to this day and they are only waiting to be known.

The works will be accessible every first weekend of the month (from Friday to Sunday),

accordingly with the opening hours for visiting (to see schedules: Reservations are not necessary to see the frescoes.


* FEC (Fund for Religious Buildings, Ministry of Internal Affairs), Opera per Santa Maria Novella, Superintendence for Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape, Opificio delle Pietre Dure, MIBACT, Servizio Belle Arti e Fabbrica di Palazzo Vecchio.