After the transfer of the Carabineers Marshal School in 2016, there have been many hypotheses for the extension of Santa Maria Novella complex.

by Marco Turini

With over ten thousand square meters of available space it could in fact become one of the most important museums in town and Italy.

Thanks to a "call for ideas", the Municipality of Florence has selected seven projects for the improvment of the available spaces, creating the conditions for a new Great Museum of Santa Maria Novella. Not just a museum, but a place open to different functions, a "new door of Florence" to paraphrase the words of the Mayor Dario Nardella.

Located in a strategic position, in front of the hominymous railway station (named after the ancient complex), this space could be used for conferences, studies, and why not, public events and open place.

There are four main functions identified by the municipal commission that has examined the numerous projects presented, to remind the four corners and sections of the Grand Cloister which it is considered one of the largest in Italy.


Santa Maria Novella will be synonymous of:


Great Museum

The museum tour will be expanded, with the intention of setting up the new photographic archive of the Municipality of Florence, a new area for welcoming the public with a second enlarged ticket office, a bookshop, a wardrobe and (finally!) A cafeteria. The new museum will thus live up to the great international museums.

High Studies

The new monastery complex will be the subject of a public tender for the construction of an advanced training center. For this purpose will be involved the most important institutions and companies of the city and beyond.

Security Presidium

A portion will remain available to the Arma dei Carabinieri both as a point of reference for citizens, and as a garrison for the security of the district that remains a sensitive place.

Civic Function

The "new door of Florence" will be theatre of events, congresses, available space for  citizens, even celebration for civil marriages. Last but not least it will also include a new "Visitor Center 2.0" up to date with the latest digital technologies.

The future of the complex has already begun and in 2018 will host the events of the Estate Fiorentina 

In 2019 the new Great Museum of Santa Maria Novella will officially begin, an "open" place, gateway to Florence and the world.