The monumental complex of Santa Maria Novella extends its museum spaces.

After the fortunate Santa Maria Novella Day (October 9th, 2016) and the free opening month during Christmas holidays, the oldest and most valuable environments of the convent have been recovered by the military function and now become permanently part of the Santa Maria Novella's museum path, expanding the cultural offer of the complex.

Since today the visit included the Basilica, (owned by the Italian Ministry of the Internal Affairs and managed by the Opera or Santa Maria Novella), and the ancient convent environments (owned by Florence municipality) which are par of the Santa Maria Novella's museum as the Cloister of the Dead, The Green Cloister, the Spanish Chapel, the Ubirachi Chapel and the Refectory.

From April 17, 2017, the magnificent Great Cloister and the impressive Northern Dormitory will be part of the visit, moreover on weekends starting from April 22nd, 2017, the beautiful Pope Chapel will be also available for visits throughout dedicated guided tours organized by the Association Mus.e.


From 22 April 2017

Guided tours will continue on the following days and times:

Saturday h10.30 - h11.30 - h12.30

Sunday h14.30 - h15.30 - h16.30


From Monday to Saturday 9.30-13.00 and 14.00-17.00

Tel. 055-2768224, 055-2768558