Extraordinary (and free) opening of the ancient environments of the convent of Santa Maria Novella.

December 15th, 2016 - January 15th, 2017

Hours 11:00 to 16:30 (last admission 16:00 hours)

(Closed December 25th)

Access from Piazza Stazione n. 6 - Free admission


After the agreement between the City of Florence and the Carabinieri the Mameli military base it is finally returned to the city.

The Great Cloister, The Chapel of the Popes and the Old Dormitory will be open for visiting in one sensational tour that it will added in the next future at the complex of Santa Maria Novella recovering the indissoluble unity of the old Dominican settlement.

During the holiday season the ancient environments will be open with free admission from December 15th 2016 to 15th January 2017 from 11.00 to 16.30 (last entry 16:30 hours), with access from Piazza Stazione n. 6. On this occasion the Pope's Chapel will be part of the free guided tours (only by appointment thanks to the Association MUS.E)

The fourteenth century Great Cloister so called because of its monumental size, made up of 56 bays, home to an extraordinary cycle of frescoes painted mostly in the sixteenth century by the major Florentine painters of the Academy, including Alessandro Allori, Santi di Tito and Poccetti .

The suggestive Dormitory bordering the northern side of the Great Cloister, built within the first decades of the fourteenth century, is characterized by the majesty of the environment animated by two slender pillars sequences that support cross vaults; on its walls are preserved some of the original painted decoration which originally covered all the surface of the walls.

On the first floor of the Great Cloister is the Chapel of the Pope, which was prepared for the entry into Florence of Pope Leo X de 'Medici which took place on November 30th, 1515. The decoration was made by Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio and completed by a young Pontormo, who painted the famous bezel with Veronica, a masterpiece of Florentine painting of the sixteenth century.

You can also attend free guided tours by appointment at: Great Cloister, Dormitory and Chapel of the Pope.


17-18-24-26-31 December 2016

1-7-8-14-15 January 2017

At : h11 - h12.00 - h13.00 - h14.00 - h15.00

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