The "Rinascita" (rebirth) begins with Santa Maria Novella!

A great and suggestive exhibition of 46 finalist works of painting, sculpture, photography and video art for the National Art Competition of the Biennale of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and Carrara

The works have now been exhibited in the magnificent venues of the former refectory of Santa Maria Novella

This is where the work of the finalists of the 3rd National Art Competition and of the 2nd Biennial of the Fine Arts Academy both prometed by Enegan Spa would be appreciated by all visitors of the complex. Two initiatives that are part of the project that the company is being carrying since few years, the EneganArt collection.

The exhibition will be open for all visitors of Santa Maria Novella during the days

Mon / Thu: 9-17.30

Fri: 11-17.30,

Sat: 9 - 17.30,

Sun: 13 - 17.30

or accessible free of charge by the entrance of Piazza Stazione n. 6 in the following time:

Monday / Friday 11:00 19:00

Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 - 20:00

An event promoted by the municipal administration and the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.