A new multimedia resource for the visitors of the Museum

From today it is possible to discover the precious treasure of Santa Maria Novella's basilica thanks to a multimedia resource with touch screen mode installed in the Refectory, where a selection of the most precious objects of the liturgical collection along with a sampling of the Rich textiles that the church used to keep throughout the centuries. The new multimedia resource allows visitors to explore these magnificent artifacts - owned by the Religious Funds - and to know their ancient history and function.

The multimedia resource is born within the project of the Regional Civil Service "No museum is far away" and is the result of the synergy between the Municipal Museums, Cultural Activities Service and the Technological Infrastructure Development Services of the Municipality of Florence, in agreement with the Opera for Santa Maria Novella. The digital platform has been developed by Linea Comune s.p.a. on a graphic interface designed by civil service operators whilst the content has been prepared by a group of scholars and constantly updated.

The purpose of the project is to bring to the public to the knowledge of the liturgical furnishings displayed in the Museum of Santa Maria Novella not only in the historical-artistic dimension, but also in relation to the function of these suntuous artefacts in the ancient times, to rediscover their original meaning and understand its importance within the history of the Dominican convent.

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