Timetable changes for the month of May

Due to some events in the basilica, some variations of opening and closing to visitors are foreseen for the month of May as regards the visit to the basilica. The opening hours remain the same for the entrance to the Civic Museum (entrance from Piazza Stazione). Below are the changes for the month of May:

- Saturday 7/05/2022 LATE OPENING at 12.30

- Saturday 21/05/2022 EARLY CLOSURE at 3.30 pm, LAST ADMISSION AT 4.45 pm

- Tuesday 24/05/2022 ON THE OCCASION OF THE FESTIVAL OF THE TRANSLATION OF SAN DOMENICO, FREE ACCESS FOR VISITORS TO THE BASILICA, while access to the Civic Museum is subject to payment (entrance from Piazza Stazione). Access between the basilica and the museum will be allowed only to holders of the ticket issued by the Municipality online and on site.

- Saturday 28/05/2022 EARLY CLOSURE at 4.00 pm, LAST ENTRANCE AT 3.15 pm

- Sunday 29/05/2022 EARLY CLOSURE at 4.30 pm, LAST ENTRANCE AT 3.45 pm